Jul 5, 2013

Simplifying Chores for Young Children

I have tried about every chore system out there. 

Without fail, after a few weeks I always end up giving up and starting over with a new system. Why?
Because I need simplicity.
I am a pastor’s wife. I homeschool my five young children. I blog and work part time from home.
I need structure. But it must be flexible and simple! Complicated schedules, charts, and methods just don’t work for this mama.
One afternoon, I was lamenting to my friend, Monica, about my lack of ability to keep a chore system working for my kids. As a homeschooling mom of six young children, I just knew Monica would understand!
Her response was to tell me about a simple chore system she had invented for her kids:she called it “the chore jar”.  A year later, I am still using Monica’s “chore jar” system.  
I loved the idea so much that I decided to share it with others!  With Monica’s permission, I compiled her idea (along with my personal tweaks) into an ebook: The Chore Jar.  
“Brilliant!  Monica and Kristy have pulled together a dynamic system that is so incredibly simple the busiest of moms can pull it off on the craziest of days.” -Kasey Norton of Walking Redeemed 

“I wish there had been a resource like this when I had a houseful of tiny children! Everything a mama could need is included…”  -Sherry K. Hayes of Large Family Mothering and author of Homeschool Sanity
The Chore Jar is simple and fun! With three non-readers in our family, I especially appreciate the printables in this eBook. My kids can look at the pictures and do their jobs without me having to stand over them.”   -Arabah Joy author of Energy Explosion

Consider the improvements I’ve seen since implementing the chore jar system with my children:

  • My older children are motivated to do their chores

  • They feel a sense of accomplishment

  • They are learning to be diligent

  • Most days, chores are finished much more quickly than before

  • Simple reminders have eliminated the “need” to nag

  • Tasks are not so mundane, since the chores vary from day to day

  • My toddler is excited to be involved in helping with household duties

  • My load is lighter with all the helping hands at work
We are far from perfect, but as long as I remain consistent we reap these benefits on a daily basis.
Collectively, my friend Monica and I have eleven children ranging in ages from ten years down to newborn. We both know first-hand that “the chore jar” system can work beautifully and simply with young children.
If you are looking for an uncomplicated, fun way to motivate your kids to help out around the house, I hope you’ll give Monica’s “chore jar” idea a try!  
You can find out more information, read reviews, or purchase The Chore Jar here.  
The Chore Jar is also available for e-readers through Amazon
What is your biggest challenge in maintaining a chore routine for your children?  
What works or doesn’t work for you?
Article from Raising Homemakers 

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