Jan 7, 2013

Dear Moms, Jesus Wants You To Chill Out

FACT: If your children can’t read by age four there is a 95% chance they will end up homeless and on drugs.
FACT: If your children eat any processed food there is an 85% chance they will contract a rare, most likely incurable disease, by age 12.
FACT: If  you’re not up at dawn reading the Bible to your children, you are most likely a pagan caught in the clutches of witchcraft.
FACT: If your children watch more than 10 minutes of television a day there is 75% chance they will end up in a violent street gang by age 17.
Obviously, the “facts” listed above are not true (at least, I don’t think they are). But, I’ve noticed that the Internet has made it much easier for people, and moms in particular, to compare themselves to each other. Now, just to be clear, this is not a post against “mom blogs”, or whatever they’re called. If you write a mom blog, that’s cool with me. This is a post to encourage the moms who tend to freak out and feel like complete failures when they read the mom blogs and mom Facebook posts.
Moms, Jesus wants you to chill out about being a mom. You don’t have to make homemade bread to be a faithful mom. You don’t have to sew you children’s clothing to be a faithful mom. You don’t have to coupon, buy all organic produce, keep a journal, scrapbook, plant a garden, or make your own babyfood to be a faithful mom. There’s nothing wrong with these things, but they’re also not in your biblical job description.
Your job description is as follows:
  • Love God. This simply means finding some time during the day to meet with the Lord. It doesn’t have to be before all the kids are awake. It doesn’t have to be in the pre-dawn stillness. Your job is to love God. How you make that happen can look a million different ways.
  • Love your husband (unless you’re a single mom, of course). Your second job is to love and serve your husband. Husbands are to do the same for their wives, but that’s for a different post. If your husband really likes homemade bread, maybe you could make it for him. But don’t make homemade bread simply because you see other moms posting pictures of their homemade bread on Facebook.
  • Love your kids. Your calling as mom is to love your kids and teach them to follow the Lord. They don’t need to know Latin by age six. If they do, more power to you. But that’s a bonus, not part of the job description. Your job is simply to love your kids with all your exhausted heart, and to teach them to love Jesus. That’s a high calling. Don’t go throwing in other, extraneous things to make your life more difficult. If you want to teach your kids to sew, great. But don’t be crushed by guilt if your kids aren’t making stylish blazers by the age of 10.
Moms, Jesus want you to rest in him. He wants you to chill out. His yoke is easy and his burden is light. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Don’t try to be something God hasn’t called you to be. If the mom blogs are making you feel guilty, stop reading them. Be faithful to what he has truly called you to do, and know that he is pleased with you. When your kids are resting, don’t feel guilty about watching an episode of “Lost”, or whatever your favorite show may happen to be.
Love God, love your husband, love your kids. Keep it simple and chill out.
Article found at The Blazing Center 
+photo by pedrosimoes7


Anonymous said...[Reply]

If you knew how much I needed that little article you'd be as blessed as I am right now. Thank you.

Sewing Chick said...[Reply]

Great article - thanks for sharing!!

Alexis said...[Reply]

Love God. This simply means finding some time during the day to meet with the Lord. It doesn’t have to be before all the kids are awake. It doesn’t have to be in the pre-dawn stillness. Your job is to love God. How you make that happen can look a million different ways.

Thank you for sharing this!! I know the best time to spend time with the Lord is in the morning for many reasons, but I am thankful for God's grace and that He just wants me to spend with Him, no matter what time of the day it is!!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Wow! Boy did I need to see this. I read your stuff every day and today I desperately needed it. I feel like I'm going to go crazy trying to be a mom I'm not. I just need to chill and listen to God. Thank you so much for this post.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Great advice. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I needed this too. I've done all the mom things, but I have one of three who no matter what I've done or say or show, nothing seems to penetrate that all I want is for her is to be happy and for me to know that someday when God calls me home she'll be ok without me.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

*and God has Always been first and foremost in our lives and home.

Nikki Schwartz said...[Reply]

The funny thing is, that people really do worry about exactly those kinds of things. I think it's easy to worry when there is so much "unknown" out there. But the thing is, worrying about my child getting cancer, won't keep that from happening if that is in God's Will. It'll only spoil me from enjoying what God has for me today.

(btw isn't that a great photo?! I used it for a post a few months ago on Self-Care Tips for Parents.)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I try to take time each morning on my 3 minute commute to work to ask the Lord to help me Praise him the rest of the day

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I agree and I am happy for this post. I am not good at knitting, or making clothing, but I do love my kids, and my husband with all my heart. I do try my best at what God expects of me. That is all we can do. God will make up for the rest.

Suzanne said...[Reply]

Well said! I often feel like I can't measure up after reading the 'mom blogs'.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Exactly! I could give my children all organic, non-processed food, buy they may still become sick. I could document every happy moment of their lives, but they may still grow up feeling as if they missed out on something. I think our culture has begun to believe that we have the ability to prevent bad things from happening (physical and emotional), and that if we are not actively trying to prevent those things it is the same as welcoming them! Hence the Mommy guilt. We are not in control, despite however much we want to be or think we are. Matt. 6

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I agree with everything except the last lines. Do be careful about what you watch on TV. Just make sure it is wholesome and doesn't put separation between you and The Lord. This is a great and much needed message. Thanks for posting.

Emmie Clarke said...[Reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...[Reply]

But we DO fail in our callings. Mothers, you aren't perfect mothers. Daughters, we aren't perfect children. Men, you aren't perfect husbands.
I can't find rest or comfort in the knowledge that I'm doing fine, I'm doing the best I can, because I'm not always. We should rest in the knowledge that we are forgiven by God.
Time and time again we Christians fail and time and time again we are forgiven. And that is truly comforting.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

You haven't read Proverbs 31, have you?

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This looks vertically at other moms and not horizontally at what God asks of us. We should never be looking to the world for our standard of living. We should be looking at Proverbs 31 for the picture of motherhood. God has not called us to chill out. We aren't to worry, but we are to go out and make disciples, we are to raise "arrows" as children by following a Biblical life, and for me it means i am up before dawn to study and commune with The Lord, and my children often wake to find me face first on the carpet in prayer and awe to Him. For us it means I do not pray in the morning and then watch Lost at night, which is filled with things that are not honoring to God.

Doesn't anyone understand the difference between mom-guilt and conviction of the Holy Spirit anymore???


Anonymous said...[Reply]


i agree. this article has really nothing to do with God's standards and has more to do with not comparing ourselves to the world. it's actually ridiculous. i wished people looked to His word and not how they felt to govern their lives. our generation has lost all accountability.

mrszetroc said...[Reply]

I think what she is saying that by the world's standards we as moms need to chill. We are set by what God says not the world. I found this very soothing. As a new mom, I find myself worrying about if I'm doing a good job. It's nice to have a reminder to chill out! Stop judging because she watches Lost! That's her buisness!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

The truth is we would not be all stresses out if we did get up starting our day spensing time with the Lord...which we could so if we just removed ourselves from FB and stopped watching so much television and whatever else it is we fill our days and our childrens day up with that is no necessary or measurable in terms of our spirtual growth or theirs. In doing so we would resolve our other problem of comparisons as well. If we spent half as much time in God's word as we do on FB I know we would be unrecognizable. We really don't nees to chill out we need to dig in...into Gods word....myself included....guilty...this is something I've recognized in my life and the lives of other wonderdul christian woman I know. We say we don't have time but we do....for so many other things that don't even matter....like FB. Its interesting I came upon th his....because I have been feeling very convicted lately that I have not been giving God enough time. When I eead this I just feel like we should never feel "chilled out" about Jesus. Yes...we should rest in him ...trust in him...rely on him...repent to him....thank him...praise him. And yes we should not concern ourselves with what one another is doing in the running of their household or how well they do it but we shoul take our relationship with Christ and that of our Children very seriously. In regards to tjhe dinal comment about not feeling guilty while you watch a TV show ....I would only say I agree as lomg as the show is something that would not mimd your kids watching with you...I have never watched Lost ..so I don't know one way or the other...this my way of keeping myself in check. You see we are always teaching our kids Godly principles even when we make decision about the TV...why should it be any different for us?

Anonymous said...[Reply]

When my grandchildren were visiting, I found myself very upset by some of the things that were said on the shows I watch and/or on the commercials. You parents have a tough job, and I hope that you will trust the Lord to hold you in his arms and show you what he wants you to do. He's the one that matters.

waneda shankel said...[Reply]

Thank you, I understand what you were trying to say. May God bless you!

David M. said...[Reply]

It is called common sense. Nothing to do with religion or Jesus. It is being selfless. Whatever did we do before the Internet? And now with it we are seeing worldwide collaboration, commutation, advances in science, etc. This is not the end of days, only the beginning of a huge transformational shift. Like kids in a candy store, the newness will wear off, and the evolution of mankind's greatness will be revealed. Put religion in the mix and you have war, hostilty, and opposition.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I am sorry. I believe the Lord wants us to eat the healthy, natural food that he has provided us. If He wanted us to eat the processed food, it would be found in nature.

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