Mar 12, 2012

The Child Training Bible (Review)

How many Godly parents discipline and instruct their children straight from the Bible? I mean, literally open up the Bible and read them scripture? Not many. Why? It would take a lot of work to look up all those verses and a lot of scripture memorization too! Yet, we are commanded in the Word to "bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4). What is a Godly parent to do? 

Mindy Dunn, inventor of the Child Training Bible, has created an invaluable tool for parents. The Child Training Bible (CTB) was designed as a quick resource to look up certain topics your child(ren) is dealing with. Some of these topics include (20 total): Anger, Fear, Disobedience, Fighting, Lying, Wrong Friendships etc...These topics can quickly accessed through the ready to use tabs. Not only are specific sins discussed, but the GOSPEL is also presented. The law was given to ultimately point us to Christ and show us our need for a Savior. This is an extremely effective evangelistic tool for our children.  

Here's a scenario, say your child just had a fit of anger and took it out on their little brother: You would locate the Anger tabs and be able to quickly look up the scripture references and discipline and instruct them appropriately. Not only is this used for personal instruction, it can also be utilized during family or individual devotions. 

I have not come across a more helpful tool when it comes to accessing scripture immediately when needed. It was easy to put together and something that will be used and hopefully passed down in our home from generation to generation. The CTB will not only revolutionize your parenting, it will change you and your children's hearts. "The Law of the Lord is Perfect reviving the Soul." (Psalm 19:7) 

You can purchase your own HERE for $9.  The kit includes:
  • 1 Child Training Bible Key (gloss cardstock)
  • 3 Easy Tabbers (double-sided gloss cardstock)
  • 1 Set of Instructions to make your Child Training Bible
In addition to the kit you will need to buy tabs from an office supply store and matching colored highlighters. For more information on how to put together this kit you can view the video HERE. I would recommend using a hard cover Bible. The Bible has to be 9x6 in size. This is the Bible we used.  

I would like to thank Mindy Dunn for sending me this wonderful product to review!


Rhonda Kubehl said...

I wish this came in Braille for the Blind and visually impaired parents to use as well

Anonymous said...

Thank you sell much! I bought one about a month ago and lost it while shopping for the highlighters and tabs. So I figured, "hey someone needed a CTB". I finally got around to ordering my second kit yesterday and I made sure to order the highlighters etc from amazon this time! Thanks so much. I'm going to share in a parenting class at church bless.



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