Feb 5, 2015

Polycarp Movie Review


A 2nd Century historical drama...inspired by a true story!
Have you ever wondered what happened to the early Christians after the Book of Acts? What trials did they face and overcome? Polycarp is like a journey to the past, giving us a glimpse of that world. 

It's the story of a young slave girl, Anna, who is rescued and adopted by Christians in 2nd Century Smyrna and befriended by their aged bishop, Polycarp.  With the threat of persecution growing, Polycarp and the Christians must find courage to stand for their faith.  Anna must come to grips with the truth and choose whom she is willing to live—and die—for. 

POLYCARP is a God-honoring, Christ-centered, and moving story that will make you want to run with the divine message, while we still have the God-given liberty.”
Ray Comfort, evangelist and best-selling author

“I appreciate how this movie, based on the true historical account of the life of Polycarp, challenges all Christians concerning what we might do in the face of persecution. Because Christianity is increasingly under attack in our secularized Western world, POLYCARP is a ‘must watch’ for every Christian.”
Ken Ham, president, Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum

POLYCARP issues a call that resonates with Joshua's mandate to 'choose you this day whom you will serve.' This is a moving story of second-century persecution, reminiscent of the persecution many believers face today.”
The Kendrick Brothers, creators of Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants

POLYCARP is an important and timely film that families need to watch together.”-Israel Wayne, author and speaker

"POLYCARP is a gripping, Gospel saturated, faith-building movie that will challenge you in your walk and profession of Christ. My prayer is that this movie will be watched and talked about in many Christian homes across our nation and world. POLYCARP is a 'must watch' for every Christian." -Bryan Schrank, Ministry Director Raising Godly Children 

My walk with God has grown leaps and bounds as I've studied through and read about church history. God raised up many mighty strong men and women of Faith throughout the ages to boldly and unashamedly proclaim His Gospel message, like Polycarp, who sealed his profession with his life. What Polycarp experienced in his lifetime, is the same fate many of our Christian brothers and sisters face around the world today, and what may be coming to America in the near future. 

Aug 20, 2014

The Power of Your Child's SIN

Train them, remembering continually, the power of sin. 
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You must not expect to find your children's minds a sheet of pure white paper, and to have no trouble if you only use right means. I warn you plainly you will find no such thing. It is painful to see how much corruption and evil there is in a young child's heart, and how soon it begins to bear fruit. Violent tempers, self-will, pride, envy, irritability, passion, idleness, selfishness, deceit, cunning, lying, hypocrisy, a terrible aptitude to learn what is bad, a painful slowness to learn what is good, a readiness to pretend anything in order to gain their own ends—all these things, or some of them, you must be prepared to see, even in your own flesh and blood. In little ways they will creep out at a very early age; it is almost startling to observe how naturally they seem to spring up. Children require no schooling to learn how to sin. 

But you must not be discouraged and depressed by what you see. You must not think it a strange and unusual thing, that little hearts can be so full of sin. It is the only inheritance which our father Adam left us; it is that fallen nature with which we come into the world; it is that inheritance which belongs to us all. May the awareness of it make you more diligent in using every possible means which seem most likely, by God's blessing, to counteract the evil. Let it make you more and more careful, so far it lies with you, to keep your children out of the way of temptation. 

Never listen to those who tell you your children are good, and well brought up, and can be trusted. Rather, remember that their hearts are always ready to burst into flame like dry tinder. At their very best, they only need a spark to ignite their evil. Parents are seldom too cautious. Remember the natural depravity of your children, and be careful.

Aug 4, 2014

10 Myths about Lust

By Jared Moore
If you embrace these 10 myths about lust, then you will find no remedy for your lust. Instead, you will dive into a “black hole” of sin. Embrace Truth; reject these 10 myths:
1. “I lust because I’m human.” No, you lust because you’re a sinner.
2. “I lust because others dress immodestly.” No, you lust because your wicked heart enjoys the immodesty of others.
3. “I lust because I’m not married.” No, you lust because you love sex more than God.
4. “I lust because I desire marriage.” No, you lust because you desire sexual immorality. Desiring sexual immorality is the opposite of desiring marriage. A desire for marriage is a desire for sexual morality within marriage.
5. “I lust because I cannot help it.” No, you lust because you willfully choose sin over holiness. You’ve developed a lustful habit. Repent and turn to Christ habitually. Live out the holiness He requires until new holy habits are formed.
6. “I lust because my spouse is not as interested in sex as I am.” No, you lust because you desire sex more than you desire God.
7. “I lust because my spouse does not appreciate me.” No, you lust because you believe God is too small to meet your needs abundantly.
8. “I lust because I believe God’s image-bearers are beautiful.” No, you lust because you reject God’s creation (Gen. 1:26-27). Those who lust objectify God’s image bearers, reducing His divine image to a mere object of immoral non-consensual one-sided sexual gratification.
9. “I lust because sexuality is pervasive in my godless culture.” No, you lust because you want to be like your godless culture.
10. “If I fulfill my lusts, they will go away.” No, the remedy for lustful desires is for you to deny yourself (starve your lust), pick up your cross, and follow Christ (Luke 9:23).
The only answer for a lustful heart is constant repentance and faith in Christ.  God is more beautiful and more valuable than fulfilling our lustful desires. If you embrace and meditate on His beauty, all sin will appear ugly and detestable.

BIO:  Jared Moore serves as the senior pastor at New Salem Baptist Church in Hustonville, KY.  You can follow him on Twitter here.

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